Summary:ASTERISK-06823: No more Wait/Playback/Dial in Hangup extension after upgrade to 1.2.7
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Date Opened:2006-04-21 11:00:59Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:08:26
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Description:I have the following situation:
I limit the call-length of prepaid-users by adding the L(x:y)-option to the dial-command. When the timelimit is finished, asterisk closes the second call leg(the leg to the callee) and proceeds in the dialplan to the hangup-extension("h"-extension). In this hangup-extension i start a macro where i have a gotoif-query(accountcode true?) that jumps out of the macro to a seperate context, where a sound file is played to the caller(pls-stay-on-line)and then he's connected to a callcenter(via zap).

This was(to my luck), working perfectly with 2.1.6, i was able to run the applications Wait, Playback and Dial in the special context without problems, the caller(first call-leg) stayed connected until he himself hungup or approached a Hangup-app in the dialplan.

I have upgraded to today, now the behaviour has changed, as soon as the dialplan has proceeded to a extension where a app like Wait, Playback or Dial is started, the first call leg is hungup as well. I can no more Play a file to the caller or Dial to the callcenter, only some applications like NoOp, GotoIf,Goto, Macro or ResetCDR seem to work after a hangup...

I understand that removing this behaviour in favor to a hangup of both legs, after the Limit-Time is finished, makes sense, but i don't think it is necessary because it was possible to hangup the caller-leg by issuing the Hangup-application.
Please provide a comment if this change was intentionally and if it will remain. Maybe you can also tell me a workaround for my setup? Thanks!

btw: i've attached my verbose-log for both versions(1.2.6/, same dialplan

sorry if the category is not valid, i was not sure what fits...
Comments:By: Christian Benke (christianbee) 2006-04-21 11:18:43

Fixed by using the absolutetimeout-extension("T"-extension) instead of the hangup-extension("h"-extension).

By: Serge Vecher (serge-v) 2006-05-03 09:50:52

Closing this issue, since reporter was able to attain a solution with another configuration option.