Summary:ASTERISK-06817: [patch] Voicemail crashes Asterisk if user chooses to prepend when forwarding.
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Date Opened:2006-04-19 23:25:04Date Closed:2006-04-26 14:24:13
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Description:If a user chooses to prepend a message while forwarding, Asterisk segfaults on ast_readfile.


The fix:

Add check for bfile before closing in file.c.  This fixes the underlying segfault, but not the problem in app_voicemail.c.  app_voicemail.c fix is below:

file.c Line 849:

if (bfile)

app_voicemail.c Line 3456:

if ((receiver = find_user(NULL, context, s)) && strcmp(s,sender->mailbox)) {

This prevents two problems.  If the user prepends and forwards it to themselves (why would they?  who knows!), the original files are overwritten, so ast_fileread fails when it can't find the original file (file.c change fixes that).  This causes the segfault, and other conditions may cause it, which is why I made the change.

The second change fixes the original problem, and prevents the user from forwarding to their own mailbox.

I didn't bother adding a diff, as these are fairly minor changes.
Comments:By: Matt O'Gorman (mogorman) 2006-04-26 14:24:06

voicemail fix commited in 1.2 and trunk commits 22596 and 22597. I don't see why you would need the file.c commits in either branch.