Summary:ASTERISK-06776: Libpri doest set pricause
Reporter:Steve (802)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-04-13 11:53:19Date Closed:2006-04-25 10:23:50
Versions:Frequency of
Description:Libpri 1.2.2 asterisk 1.2.7

Calling an unallocated number should give cause code  01, asterisk always gives pricause 0 this is on a euro isdn30 in ireland, as you can see below the trace value is 129 from pri debug span 1

< Cause (len= 5) [ Ext: 0  Coding: CCITT (ITU) standard (0) 0: 0   Location: Public network serving the remote user (4)
<                  Ext: 1  Cause: (null) (0), class = Normal Event (0) ]
<              Cause data 1: 81 (129)
Comments:By: Steve (802) 2006-04-13 11:54:26

Libpri doesnt set pricause correctly that should read, sorry all.

By: Andrey S Pankov (casper) 2006-04-13 12:02:50

Do you use overlap dialling?

Can you include SETUP message and your extensions.conf file?

And maybe some logs from asterisk (warning,error,notice,verbose,debug).

Is there a message "DEBUG[]: No such possible extension '%s' in context '%s'"?

By: Matthew Fredrickson (mattf) 2006-04-21 12:58:26

I don't understand exactly what your problem is.  From your (short) debug message, it would appear that you are receiving this cause message from a remote location, not necessarily from asterisk.  Can you attempt to explain better what the scenario is, and include more of the pri debug information?

By: Steve (802) 2006-04-23 15:24:04

Please close, i misplaced ongestion in the dialplan was clearing ${HANGUPCAUSE) and so hiding the pri information. Sorry all