Summary:ASTERISK-06705: [patch] Silent verbose and debug output when not enabled
Reporter:Andrey S Pankov (casper)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-04-05 09:06:36Date Closed:2006-04-06 11:51:00
Versions:Frequency of
Environment:Attachments:( 0) 2chan_skinny.c.diff
( 1) chan_skinny.c.diff
Description:Send debug output only if skinnydebug is enabled and verbose output on appropriate verbose level.
Comments:By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2006-04-05 18:51:55

I love patches like these...keep them coming! ;)

By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2006-04-05 19:05:31

Committed to svn trunk.

Thank you!

By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2006-04-05 19:11:40

I jumped the gun...the commit failed.  Will try again later.

By: Andrey S Pankov (casper) 2006-04-06 08:32:19

I rediffed it against 17823.

By: Jason Parker (jparker) 2006-04-06 11:51:00

committed...and this time, I mean it