Summary:ASTERISK-06658: [PATCH] Allow Caller Name from CPE to Master on ISDN NI1
Reporter:mochouinard (mochouinard)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-03-29 20:22:34.000-0600Date Closed:2006-04-04 10:39:04
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) q931.c.libpri-1.2.2.fixNI1CallerName.diff.txt
( 1) q931.c-patchNI1display.txt
Description:Canadian Provider all offer Caller Name from CPE to PSTN with the PRI ISDN NI1 ONLY.  (Tested on TelUS PRI ISDN NI1 setup)

This patch only remove the caller name restriction to NI1.
Comments:By: Matthew Fredrickson (mattf) 2006-03-31 16:04:50.000-0600

I don't get what you're trying to do.  It looks like you're basically disabling support for sending the Display IE if the switchtype is set to NI1.  In the bug note, you say this is to allow caller name from CPE to master.  You're going to have to explain this to me for me to accept this.

By: mochouinard (mochouinard) 2006-03-31 18:47:44.000-0600

Sorry it the reverse.  I compared the modified one with the original !!!

By: Matthew Fredrickson (mattf) 2006-04-04 10:38:54

Added to trunk