Summary:ASTERISK-06582: The possibility RTP IP address to be different from SIP Server
Reporter:Miroslav Nachev (mnachev)Labels:
Date Opened:2006-03-21 02:54:23.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:02:45
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Description:I would like to use different IP address for RTP (speech, fax, audio and video media) than SIP Server. Also I will receive some events (DTMF and Fax detection, DTMF and Fax generation and receiving, etc.) from this PCI Cards which is with Ethernet port and CPU+DSP for RTP processing. The CPU is ARM9 at 300 MHz. The DSP is at 600 MHz. Also I have to manage this card through PCI interface.
I would like all RTP processing to be in this board instead the Host CPU.
Comments:By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2006-03-21 09:35:02.000-0600

This report is a feature request for non-trivial development related to your specific hardware scenario that absolutely should not be placed as a feature request on the Asterisk bug tracker.  There are contract development options available to you.

By: Miroslav Nachev (mnachev) 2006-03-22 03:30:43.000-0600

On CeBIT'2006 (Hannover) I speak with Kenny Shumard, Schuyler Deerman and Greg Vance from Digium and they said that there are planes for such feature and to post this idea in bugs.digium.com.
So, that's why I am applying for this feature.

By: Olle Johansson (oej) 2006-03-22 07:46:51.000-0600

Well, the bug tracker is not a discussion forum. Please use the asterisk-dev mailing list. We will update Kenny, Schuyler and Greg with this information :-)