Summary:ASTERISK-05881: Called number problem
Reporter:Dimitri Goldin (dima)Labels:
Date Opened:2005-12-21 09:32:10.000-0600Date Closed:2005-12-27 07:03:09.000-0600
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Description:I couple of weeks ago we encountered a problem with two customers calling from abroad.
The called number was "received" twice, at least from a certain point it became double.

So every time they called (lets assume our number is ABCD) asterisk tried to jump to an extension
ABCDABCD. We had a hard time digging around in the code and reading q931 specs trying to track
down the reason for this. We assumed that this is an chan_zap.c issue, but after a time we tracked it
down to q931.c from libpri. It seems that when the initialisation for the INFORMATION frame is made
(actually there is none atm) the c->callednum stays the old one from the SETUP frame and is then
again copied to pri->ev.ring.callednum even if the INFORMATION frame only contains a Sending Complete
flag and no additional number. So we added a c->callednum[0] = '\0'; and now it works perfectly.
Comments:By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2005-12-21 09:50:55.000-0600

ping  :)

By: Matthew Fredrickson (mattf) 2005-12-27 07:01:53.000-0600

Fixed in head and 1.2, thanks! :-)

By: Matthew Fredrickson (mattf) 2005-12-27 07:02:51.000-0600

Applied to -head and 1.2