Summary:ASTERISK-05368: AgentCallbackLogin doesnt set any agent variables
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Date Opened:2005-10-26 02:00:12Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:10:18
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Description:None of the agent variables are getting set when using AgentCallbackLogin.  See CLI output:

   -- Executing Queue("Zap/49-1", "test") in new stack
   -- Started music on hold, class 'default', on Zap/49-1
   -- outgoing agentcall, to agent '11000', on 'Local/1@test-4f96,1'
   -- Called Agent/11000
   -- Executing Dial("Local/1@test-4f96,2", "Zap/g3/12222222222||tT") in new stack
   -- Requested transfer capability: 0x00 - SPEECH
   -- Called g3/12222222222
   -- Zap/50-1 is proceeding passing it to Local/1@test-4f96,2
   -- Zap/50-1 is ringing
   -- Agent/11000 is ringing
   -- Zap/50-1 answered Local/1@test-4f96,2
   -- Agent/11000 answered Zap/49-1
   -- Stopped music on hold on Zap/49-1
 == Spawn extension (test, 1, 1) exited non-zero on 'Local/1@test-4f96,2'
dialer-test*CLI> show channel Zap/50-1
-- General --I>
          Name: Zap/50-1
          Type: Zap
      UniqueID: 1130309866.192
     Caller ID: 1
Caller ID Name: (N/A)
   DNID Digits: (N/A)
         State: Up (6)
         Rings: 0
  NativeFormat: 68
   WriteFormat: 64
    ReadFormat: 64
1st File Descriptor: 58
     Frames in: 668
    Frames out: 486
Time to Hangup: 0
  Elapsed Time: N/A
 Direct Bridge: Agent/11000
Indirect Bridge: Zap/49-1
--   PBX   --
       Context: test
     Extension: s
      Priority: 1
    Call Group: 0
  Pickup Group: 0
   Application: (N/A)
          Data: (None)
   Blocking in: (Not Blocking)
Comments:By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2005-10-26 11:18:14

I think you are misunderstanding the use of the variables provided by AgentCallbackLogin.  The variables set by AgentCallbackLogin are *only* available to the calling channel that calls in to AgentCallbackLogin.  There is not even a call to AgentCallbackLogin in your example.  If you are still confused, catch me on IRC.