Summary:ASTERISK-05277: [request] [post 1.2] Say number to Brazilian Portuguese (and other similar languages)
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Date Opened:2005-10-11 08:42:35Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:02:54
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Description:The way we say numbers are:

(1)==> From 1 to 20 and 30,40,50,60,70,80,90, one word, similar to English

(2)==> From 21 to 29, the "twenty" word IMMEDIATELY followed by the number (from 1 to 9).

(3)==> From 31 to 39, the "thirty" word followed by an "AND" word and finally the unit number word. From 41 to 49, from 51 to 59, from 61 to 69, from 71 to 79, from 81 to 89, from 91 to 99, THE SAME as from 31 to 39.

(4)==> To say the hundred we donĀ“t use the "one hundred", "two hundred".... but an specific word for each hundred. Ex:
   100 => "cem"
   200 => "duzentos"
   300 => "trezentos"
   400 => "quatrocentos"
   This way until 900 => "novecentos".

   Rule exception: For "one hundred" word, we use another word when its folowed by tens and units. Ex:
   100 => our word is "cen"
   145 => our word is "cento" followed by "AND" and then "forty" "AND "five"

   Saying hundreds, we use an "AND" word for every number that comes after the                  "hundred" specific word. Ex:
   230 ==> duzentos "AND" trinta
   460 ==> quatrocentos "AND" sessenta

(5)==> Saying thousands, its the same as English. We use the numer: one, two... followed by the "thousand" word. From 1 to 99, and for exact hundreds (100,200,300,400...) we use an "AND" word after the thousand word. Ex.:

    1056 => "one" "thousand" "AND" "fifty" "AND" "six"
    1200 => "one" "thousand" "AND" duzentos
    4500 => "four" "thousand" "AND" quinhentos

    But, saying thounsands after 101 to 999 (excluding the exact hundreds, as explained before), we DONT use the "AND" word after the thounsand word. Ex.:

    1103 => "one" "thousand" "cento" "AND" "three"
    1367 => "one" "thousand" "trezentos" "AND" "sixty" "AND" "seven"
    3756 => "three" "thousand" "setecentos" "AND" "fifty" "AND" "six"


The itens (1) and (2) are ready, cause its the same as english

The priorities for development are itens (3) and (4), but (5) is desirable.

Comments:By: Michael Jerris (mikej) 2005-12-01 13:56:56.000-0600

It appears that you are not getting any response to this request.  My suggestion would be to post a bounty on the wiki or contract this work out.  I have to suspend this bug due to no progress until there is code available to review.  Please re-open this bug when ready for that review.