Summary:ASTERISK-05262: realtime ex-girlfriend dialplan matching problem
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Date Opened:2005-10-07 16:37:57Date Closed:2005-10-13 19:25:50
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There seems to be a problem when matching in realtime from a mysql database for "ex-girlfriend" style patterns.  It appears that everything after the \ (the ex-girlfriend part) is being ignored as the pattern is matched against.


In my example here, extension 102 is dialing outbound to 8888888888,
ngrep sees some queries coming from asterisk:

SELECT * FROM dial_out WHERE exten = '8888888888' AND context = 'outbound' AND priority = '1'

no records match, then:

SELECT * FROM dial_out WHERE exten LIKE '\_%' AND context = 'outbound' AND priority = '1' ORDER BY exten

Several records are returned by mysql to asterisk:

 id context exten priority app appdata

 177 outbound _NXXNXXXXXX/100 1 SetCallerID 1111111111<1111111111>
 183 outbound _NXXNXXXXXX/101 1 SetCallerID 2222222222<2222222222>
 189 outbound _NXXNXXXXXX/102 1 SetCallerID 3333333333<3333333333>

Asterisk incorrectly matches the exten in id 177 and sets the caller id to 1111111111, likely because it is not paying attention to the /girlfriend part of the pattern, and is then the first entry to match.  Asterisk should instead match the exten in id 189 for this example.
Comments:By: Kevin P. Fleming (kpfleming) 2005-10-13 19:25:23

The comments in pbx_realtime.c state that the Realtime switch does not support Caller ID matching. I have updated doc/README.realtime to also state that fact. Sorry for the previous lack of documentation :-)