Summary:ASTERISK-04953: [request] [post 1.2] Make "maxlen" of queues a function of the avalaible number of agents serving the queue
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Date Opened:2005-09-01 05:09:50Date Closed:2005-09-09 20:21:00
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I was asked for this:

a queue that allows N calls in where N = (X * avalaible agents serving the queue).

a fictional example could be

dynamiclen = 2

that will translate in a limit of (2 * number of agents) at call queuing.

maxlen can be retained as an hard limit who will have priority over the dynamic one, so


would allow 20 calls in even if there are 50 agents serving the queue.

I'm going to accomplish this using an external script, eventually this request could be useful as suggestion for future releases.

Comments:By: Alessio Focardi (alessiof) 2005-09-01 05:19:28


I posted this in ACD, probably it would better suit feature requests, I got confused by the "feature" in severity.


By: Michael Jerris (mikej) 2005-09-01 06:44:37

typically the best way to get a feature implemented would be to contract the work or to post a bounty on the wiki.

By: Alessio Focardi (alessiof) 2005-09-01 11:31:09

Do you think that this feature, if realized, will make it's way in the CVS ?

Eventually I can post a bounty like you suggested.



Can you move this to features request so if anyone is interested can add notes or propose for coding it ?

By: Cyril VELTER (velter) 2005-09-01 12:59:40

I was sitting on a patch to do exactly that (you can set the queue length based on members, active members, available members and paused members). Look at issue 5096 for the patch (CVS-HEAD).

It's only minimaly tested, so it would be nice if you can test it.

By: Alessio Focardi (alessiof) 2005-09-02 04:26:20

Tnx Velter, going to test the patch, in a week or so I will let you know.


Are you going to commit the patch for inclusion in CVS HEAD ?

Tnx !

By: Michael Jerris (mikej) 2005-09-09 20:21:00

Closing in favor of ASTERISK-4963 which has a patch included.  Please continue this discussion there.