Summary:ASTERISK-03884: No MOH when agents presses Snom Hold button.
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Date Opened:2005-04-07 02:07:53Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:10:41
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Description:When agent has answered to a call from a queue and then press Hold button of Snom360 (and Snom190) the caller does not hear the music on hold. The Snom phone holds that call and you can make a new call. The caller just hears silence. The same behaviour happens without the queue with extension like Dial(Agent/350).

The Hold button works correctly if we have extension like Dial(SIP/350) or Dial(Local/350@oletus). Here we make a call without a agent feature. In those case the caller hears correctly the music on hold.

I'm sorry I can't test this thing with CVS Head, because we are using bristuff drivers with BRI card. Bristuff drivers works only with stable releases.


There have been discussion about the same thing in bug 0003383, but it is closed by inactivity. See http://bugs.digium.com/bug_view_page.php?bug_id=0003383
Comments:By: mcnobody (mcnobody) 2005-04-07 02:36:38

X-Ten's eyeBeam seems to work same as Snom phones. The music on hold does not work with agent calls with eyeBeam either.

By: Brian West (bkw918) 2005-04-07 14:36:23

Can you test this on HEAD?


By: nick (nick) 2005-04-07 18:45:35

The OP said he can't because of BRI, so I guess the better question, is, can somebody else?


By: mcnobody (mcnobody) 2005-04-11 06:52:14

Is there anyone who can test this with cvs head?

The same problems exists when using Sipura SPA2000 ATA and Siemens dect. With Siemens you press 'R' button that should put caller to hold. This works with direct calls to SIP-user, but with agent system caller hears just silence when 'R' button of Siemens dect is pressed.

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2005-04-12 01:10:05

This feature was never intended to work properly under stable and should work fine under head.