Summary:ASTERISK-02619: [patch] fix oops on reload chan_zap.so if we're using pseudo channels.
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Date Opened:2004-10-17 00:46:39Date Closed:2004-10-17 01:14:23
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Description:We automagically rebuild the pseudo channels on reload of chan_zap.so, and since we're reloading, we shouldn't bother with the pseudo channels, as they're created on load of the module anyway.  

When a pseudo channel is in use by another application, such as app_meetme, and a reload is issued, the pseudo channel is re-allocated, thus causing a segfault.

I have attached a patch that will ignore the pseudo channels on reload, and fix the issue.
Comments:By: James Golovich (jamesgolovich) 2004-10-17 01:05:47

Commited to CVS HEAD.  Thanks!

By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2004-10-17 01:14:23

That was a quick commit.  You beat me to it.  :)