Summary:ASTERISK-02585: AGI Application tends to become non-responsive
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Date Opened:2004-10-12 07:52:41Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:05:32
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Description:When activating an AGI or EAGI, written in JAVA, via a bash script, the forking from Asterisk dies and returns success, although the script wasn't run at all. Upon restart of Asterisk, all goes back to normal, but the situation returns after a while.


The durations of reproducing the error is sporadic, and nonthing specific was found to indicate the actual problem.
Comments:By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-10-12 09:04:05

You're going to have to provide more diagnosis than this if you want an answer.  Obviously there are a *lot* of people running AGI in production, so *most likely* this is a system specific issue.  You might start by logging something from your bash script about whether it is getting run.  Also you should look for errors or unusual messages on the Asterisk side s well.

By: nirsim (nirsim) 2004-10-12 09:15:58

Hmmm... ok, I'll add some debugs to my bash, but i can surely say that the JAVA isn't run, due to a simple fact: The JAVA logs directly into a syslog facility, which in turn doesn't show anything being run. However, I'll add these debugs and we'll see.

I've changed my invokation script to look like this:


# Invoking CLICall-agi.agi bash script

echo "$DATE1 :Invoking CLICALL-agi.agi with parameters $1" >> /var/log/softswitch.log

echo $1 > adamFile
JAVA_GLOBALS="-Dsun.net.inetaddr.ttl=0 -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 -Dlog4j.configuration=softswitch.log4j.conf"
$JAVA_HOME/bin/java $JAVA_GLOBALS -classpath $CLASSPATH softswitch.observing.utils.AgiJavaRunner $1

echo "$DATE2 :Finished script from $DATE1 for $1" >> /var/log/softswitch.log

Just to make sure that it's invoked correctly, lets see what I get now.

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By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-10-12 09:47:47

Perhaps you can find me on IRC when it's in the state that it doesn't get invoked, too.

By: nirsim (nirsim) 2004-10-12 09:52:22

My My My, wishful thinking :-)

By: nirsim (nirsim) 2004-10-12 15:19:54

Ok, you can close this bug, it was a head bug on my part. :-)
No more midnight coding for me.

By: Malcolm Davenport (mdavenport) 2004-10-12 15:48:16

Not a bug afterall. :)