Summary:ASTERISK-02475: No voice on AT&T 4ess trunkgroup
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Date Opened:2004-09-27 08:10:02Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:04:47
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Description:I have an AT&T trunk group with nine PRI's, one primary and one backup D-channel.  When I use the primary (first) T1, configured as 4ess protocol, it works wonderfully.  When I configure it as a trunk group with the first and second T1's, I get the following behavior:

1)  No ringing tone on the calling line
2)  Called line rings normally
3)  Out of service tone on the calling line if I don't pick up the called line.
4)  If I pick up the phone, I get dead air, the AT&T side hangs up and the Asterisk box never detects the hangup.

Any idea what this could be?  Again, if I disconnect all but the primary T, I get correct behavior.


Running Asterisk 1.0 (latest from CVS)
Can submit pri debug files if necessary
Comments:By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-09-27 11:36:01

This is a technical support question and should be handled through Digium technical support, not through the bug tracker.