Summary:ASTERISK-02290: Can only insert one CDR Record...
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Date Opened:2004-08-29 17:32:57Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:04:41
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Description:After enabling the cdr_mysql module everything seemed fine. the first call made was entered correctly into my database.

but when i tried to call again i got the following error on the asterisk command line:

Aug 30 00:27:52 ERROR[15376]: cdr_addon_mysql.c:200 mysql_log: Failed to insert into database.

When I delete the record from the db I can enter one by calling again, but then the problem returns.


The Software I use:
mysqld  Ver 3.23.52 for suse-linux on i686
Asterisk and cdr_mysql from CVS
Comments:By: patrickdk (patrickdk) 2004-08-29 21:10:14

Easy fix, you just need to create an id field that is autoincrement and assign that the primary key, or use the uniqueid field and make that the primary key.
Each row of a database needs to be id'ed differently somehow

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-08-29 21:38:10

You just don't have your database built correctly.  Look in #asterisk for some assistance if you need more than the comments already provided.