Summary:ASTERISK-02131: IAX phones cannot transfer some outgoing channels
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Date Opened:2004-07-28 11:06:32Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:05:11
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Description:IAX phones cannot transfer outgoing channels when the
dial string is like IAX2/<ip>  (ex: IAX2/bigpc.home)
They can when the dial string is like IAX2/<recordname>
However it still fails with a recordname of 14 characters.
(ex: IAX2/IAX2xCommBigPC)

- 'outgoing' is from the dial plan point of view
- 'recordname' is the name in brackets in the first line
 of the phone entry in iax.conf
Comments:By: ericbart (ericbart) 2004-07-28 11:51:17

Some more informations :

tested with latest CVS

(ip) fail example : First I call the IaxComm phone (IAX2/bigpc.home) and
accept the call. Then I'm not able to transfer it from the IaxComm phone.

success example: First I call a phone from the IaxComm phone and accept
the call on the other phone. Then I'm able to transfer the call from the
IaxComm phone.

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-07-28 14:04:59

This isn't an Asterisk bug -- this is something related to iaxclient and is not appropriate for this bug tracker.