Summary:ASTERISK-01870: answer while overlap dial ISDN
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Date Opened:2004-06-23 05:54:36Date Closed:2004-09-25 02:42:31
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first, i know this problem was more than once time posted.
But this is a very ugly problem which exist, and make it impossible to use "stable" branch of Asterisk with ISDN overlap dial. Especially in the case if you are using "bri-stuff" from kapejod, because he is using the "stable" branch. For using
* and "bri-stuff" together and also for using stable branch with T1/E1 it ist necessary to fix this in the "stable" branch, i think.

I browsed the code a little bit, and I'am convinced this can not be a big problem, but i can't catch this. The Problem occurs only if you dial the digits to fast. If the problem occurs (ANSWER while dialing digits) the function "ast_bridge_call" will be executed in the "app_dial.c". The "ast_bridge_call" uses the "ast_channel_bridge" function in "channel.c". And after the connect these  functions are called for every digits which will be dialed after that.

Mark, i thought you have fixed this in the head revision. But for beeing "stable" it is very important that you fix it also in the "stable" branch, else it is not really usable with all the ISDN stuff.

Thanks for your efforts in advance.


Comments:By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-06-23 08:50:36

The changes that have been made in chan_zap are simply too intrusive to back-port into the -stable branch.  The -stable branch has fallen so far behind the cvs head of asterisk that 1.0 asterisk release candidates will be based on CVS head, not CVS stable.  

Further, BRI support, as you probably know, has not been disclaimed and is not part of Asterisk, and thus I don't really see this as a bug in Asterisk anyway.

I encourage you to in turn encourage kapejod to file a disclaimer, and submit the portions of BRI which are legitimately his so that we can get these things into the main Asterisk head and avoid breaking BRI support in the future.