Summary:ASTERISK-01841: Calls transfered from Agents don't hear MOH
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Date Opened:2004-06-16 14:37:00Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:10:48
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Description:On today's CVS (and last week's), when an Agents transfers a call that he has got from the queue, if the transferee puts the caller on hold, the caller doesn't hear MusicOnHold.  If the members are put in directly as SIP devices (i.e. member => SIP/1000 instead of member => Agent/1000) this functionality works fine.  I'm using all Polycom SoundPoint IP 500s.
Comments:By: mhardeman (mhardeman) 2004-06-16 14:49:28

I confirm same behavior on Cisco 7960s configured as queue members via agent declaration.

It's been such a minor issue that I've not explored it, hence, it could be a configuration issue.

At a minimum though, I've experienced the same on my setup and w/ Cisco SIP phones.


By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-06-16 14:56:38

Does the issue only affect SIP agents or zap agents, too?  And is the caller coming in on a zap device or what?

By: mhardeman (mhardeman) 2004-06-16 15:03:43

Never tried an agent using a Zap device.

Caller is inbound on Zap (or IAX, as I recall) and dials to group.

Only members of the group are agents.

Agents are all SIP 7960.

That's what I recall.


By: nick (nick) 2004-06-17 19:11:16

I've tested with the caller coming in on a Zap device, but not a zap agent.  I'll try that and post back; for right now I've just worked around the problem with AddQueueMember() and RemoveQueueMember().

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-06-24 00:44:17

Is this when pressing the hold button on the SIP phone?

By: mhardeman (mhardeman) 2004-06-24 15:40:56

Yes, when pressing hold on the sip phone.

By: Olle Johansson (oej) 2004-07-16 14:17:44

Still a bug with current CVS?


By: twisted (twisted) 2004-07-23 21:05:09

No response to confirmation request in 7 days.  Closing.  If this is still a problem, it can be re-visited, just post back here.