Summary:ASTERISK-01720: TDM400P 4 FXO Modules busydetect does not work
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Date Opened:2004-05-28 15:12:52Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:05:00
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Description:I've updated the the latest CVS HEAD 5/28/2004.  Before, when I had an X100P installed with asterisk-0.7.2 busydetect worked fine.  Now, that I have updated to CVS because of the new zaptel interface with the FXO modules, it no longer detects a remote hangup.  Therefore, the line is tied up until the timeout and voicemail boxes are filled with busy signals.
Comments:By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-05-29 19:26:15

Busy detect is a feature of asterisk, not zaptel, and thus the choice of FXO port vs. X100P is irrelevant.  It's purely based upon the audio.  Can you please review your configuration.

By: gardo12 (gardo12) 2004-06-01 12:57:38

I have confirmed my configuration.  I am now testing with only 1 port setup on the TDM card.  It still doesn't work.  I then took that card out and put my X101P back in the computer.  Without changing any files /etc/zaptel.conf or /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf, it works with the X101P.  It still doesn't work with the TDM with an FXO port.  I've got busycount=8 just to be sure it doesn't miss it.

By: gardo12 (gardo12) 2004-06-01 15:08:10

BTW, I am running CVS as of May 28th 2004.

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-06-03 00:43:58

Is there an audio level difference between the x100p and the tdm01b?

By: gardo12 (gardo12) 2004-06-03 07:40:19

What do you mean audio level?  Can I physically hear a difference?  I haven't tested that.  I know I have the same txgain and rxgain settings set.  I'll experiment with the rxgain and see if that makes a difference.

By: gardo12 (gardo12) 2004-06-03 07:58:58

It's working!!  I adjusted the rxgain=10.0 and left the txgain=0.  Everything is working now.  Now that you mentioned that, my voicemails were a little soft.  Thank you Mark!