Summary:ASTERISK-01627: Outbound DTMF Fails with Telica - RFC2833 Sends DTMF Packets with Identical Timestamp and Sequence Numbers
Reporter:Simon Rowland (funky)Labels:
Date Opened:2004-05-14 23:38:34Date Closed:2004-09-25 02:46:01
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Description:Only the first digit is detected when using RFC2833 when communicating with a Telica VoIP Gateway. The Telica is like a MAXTNT, except much larger.

We noticed that the Telica indicates in the SIP INVITE message that it supports DTMF tones from 0-15 (ie 0-9,*,#,A-D) while Asterisk indicates it supports 0-16. Changing the sources to indicate only 0-15 did not fix the issue. (16 is flash hook.)

I was speaking with some senior support folks at Telica trying to work out the issue, and they played back the following packet captures into a Telica machine in their lab.

I was attempting to use send_dtmf via an AGI, to send the digits 12345678901234567890. Only the '1' was received.

The folks at Telica noticed that the Sequence Number and Timestamp doesn't change as the dtmf digits are sent through.

- The Telica doesn't interpret the dtmf signals if the sequence number and timestamp overlaps.
- Each packet should have a unique sequence number
- The timestamps really shoudl be updated wiht each subsequent DTMF packet.


The following packet captures wil be included as attachments until the bug is closed: