Summary:ASTERISK-01519: [patch] i18n support for Time & Date functions in say.c
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Date Opened:2004-05-02 14:01:55Date Closed:2008-01-15 14:53:23.000-0600
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) cvsdiffi8nsay.c.txt
( 1) say_time_date_intl.txt
( 2) say_time_date_intl2.txt
Description:Extended the Internationalization of say.c to the Time & Date functions (previously restricted to SayNumber)
Currently have rules for Portuguese & Dutch.


I think it's worth having these as separate functions as then each function can be easily diffed against to improve functionality & it's very easy to add new languages.
Also, I don't think the other functionality within these functions will change much.
Comments:By: flavour (flavour) 2004-05-02 17:02:27

Updated patch which obeys CODING-GUIDELINES &, whilst at it, fixes the tabs & alphabetises the order of functions. This will make it easier to maintain into the future as we get more syntaxes being contributed & these ones tweaked.

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-05-03 00:31:00

merged with say phonetic stuff to make them work together ....  awating kramput (tm)

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-05-03 00:31:51

Added to CVS

By: Digium Subversion (svnbot) 2008-01-15 14:53:23.000-0600

Repository: asterisk
Revision: 2871

U   trunk/pbx/pbx_config.c
U   trunk/say.c

r2871 | markster | 2008-01-15 14:53:23 -0600 (Tue, 15 Jan 2008) | 2 lines

Internationalize say_date_time, fix small pbx_config seglet (bug ASTERISK-1519)