Summary:ASTERISK-01501: [patch] Extend app_meetme to be able to return if conference has only 1 conferee
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Date Opened:2004-04-29 10:04:45Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:04:48
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Description:If you set the flag 'x', MeetMe will return if you're left alone in the conference. Of course not useful if you use it for all meetme call's but you simply can for example kick all the other conferee's out if the creator/admin leave's ...

i'm not such deep in * programming and this is my first tiny little patch. so please correct anything i made wrong here :)

diff on latest cvs follows...


i removed the copy and paste patch that was here to keep this clean
Comments:By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-04-29 10:12:31

sry just made a mistake in the description ;)
"but you simply can for example kick all the other conferee's out if the creator/admin leave's ... " is of course wrong!  sry for that.
but if everyone else leave's the last one will return as well...
it's especially usefull for conferee's who are only listening!

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-04-29 10:14:31

Please update this with a unified diff FILE, not just text.

By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-04-29 10:20:44

I think he ment attach :P

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-04-29 11:44:42

I did.  Patch that was uploaded was reversed.  Requested on in the correct format ;)

By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-04-29 13:36:25

i fixed the patch (was kinda bad... :( )
and added the option 'X' which will let all meetme conferee's return if there are only listener's(monitor only) users left in the conference.
'x' will still return if you are the only user in the conference.

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-04-30 13:29:52

Ok... here's what I get from this:

'x' (case sensitive) removes you if you're the first one/only one in the confrence

'X' (case sensitive) removes all the listen only confrence members if everyone else leaves the confrence.

I can understand the need for the "X", but the first option?  Maybe I just need a little more explaining.. scenarios, for example..

By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-04-30 13:47:17

We are developing web applications that work like click2call...
so user clicks a button -> a user and a service get called and connected into a meetme room. now i want the user easily return into a mainmenu or another conference if the service leaves. i did this with REDIRECT at the moment, but that's not such a good solution for this purpose.
I'm going to put some more development into this and will (hopefully *fg*) add the admin/user menu that's already prepared in the code.
what features would you like to see there?

lockdown the room (no one can join)
kick/ban a user (by callerid ?)
change a user's mode from monitor/talker and back ?
moderated room ? (one admin = normal, all other users = just monitor)
call for voice (admin hears a signal and can give the user speaking rights for moderated room)
mute (go to monitor state)

what else can be in there? and any good idea for identifying the callers in the conference? e.g. admin hears the callerid & a number on join and can then voice a user by pressing 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 .... ??

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-05-01 17:24:53

Actually the option i think would be most valuable would be to have an option which is "terminate the conference when this person leaves.  Perhaps 'X' could be extended to do that, such that the conference terminates when no 'X' people are left in the conference."

By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-05-02 10:44:46

we had a long talk about different features in irc last evening ;)
i'm going to add some of the admin features i mentioned above.
as well i'll extend the 'x' option to "leave if no admin's are left"
for this i'll implement a real user management in the conference (at the moment they're just counted).

we also talked about a feature i often see in professional conference solutions.
it's called active talker. with this you would always know what person is speaking at the moment. so you can do quite intuitive menu's (ban the person who's speaking) or generate protocol's of conference. (an index of the talkers(with callerid) to the recorded file).
what do you think about this mark? i think this would have to be done in the drivers where the conference itself takes place. i did'nt look at this at the moment and i think this would be a bit too heavy for me ;)

By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-05-02 16:45:32

either way lets get x doing what we want and in to cvs so we can close this bug/patch out.


By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-05-03 05:05:28

ok. i'll do this first. so 'x' will cause all users to leave if no user with the admin flag is left. the admin menu will follow later.

By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-05-03 05:17:51

so. now the next patch up.
'x' will leave if no admins (users with the 'a' flag) are left in the conference but not till an admin joins!
'X' will leave if there are only listeners in a conference.

-> diff attached

the complete menu will follow...

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-05-03 05:23:53

Spoke with fabeman in IRC, he will be faxing in his disclaimer today.

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-05-03 09:51:51

Hrm... Wanting to use "x" shouldn't cause me to have to use admin functionality.  If we make "x" behave as follows:

When the last person with "x" leaves the conference, it boots everyone else out of the conference

Then it's independent of "a" and would also eliminate the need for "X" right, since listeners would not have "x" and talkers could have "x".  What do you think?

By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-05-03 10:13:51

nice idea :) the patch for this is uploaded as v4

not perfectly done but i'll do this with the users list and further admin features in the next patch ;)

By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-05-06 10:41:54

so. just for getting up a status. the last patch is implementing most of the functionality i mentioned. it's not tested/debugged yet! (my new testing card arrives in the next few days) as i lack of servers to test on...
i just uploaded this for some people who are working on the same stuff to take a look at the code.... ;)

edited on: 05-06-04 09:39

By: fabeman (fabeman) 2004-05-13 10:42:32

the intention of the originally posted report changed totally ;)
so i made up a new one with the latest patch and the correct description

bug ASTERISK-1622

you can close this if you like.

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-05-13 12:39:32

Closed per fabeman (moved)