Summary:ASTERISK-01487: Voicemail w/MySQL support ignores context
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Date Opened:2004-04-28 12:08:12Date Closed:2004-09-25 02:17:32
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Description:When using the voicemail app w/mysql support turned on, the context that is assigned to a voicemail box is ignored.  This causes the mailboxes to be created in the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail folder instead of /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/[context]/.


Also breaks vmail.cgi and MWI's.
Comments:By: cmslaght (cmslaght) 2004-04-28 12:13:19

Note on my configures:  Gentoo Linux, Todays CVS Development head

By: cmslaght (cmslaght) 2004-04-28 14:33:57

OK.. I have it figured out.  When you implement Voicemail w/MySQL, all assumptions on what context you are in get thrown out the window (ie: [default]).  So, when I sent a caller to voicemail, I have to specify the destination context even if I am in the default context.  Same goes when I retrieve my voicemail (ie: exten => 8500,1,VoicemailMain(@default) )

The bad part is that if you don't specify a context, then it assumes nothing where when you implement voicmeail w/o MySQl it assumes [default].

This could be an easy mistake to make and if you have same mailbox numbers but in different contexts, it will use the info from the first one it sees. For example, I could change the password.

I guess there are three possible solutions to this problem:
1. More documentation stating that if you use voicemail with MySQL, you MUST specify the context in all voicemail commands.
2. The assumption that no context means "default" should be added/fixed for MySQL.
3. The assumption that no context means "default" is removed and you must specify a context allways!

By: cmslaght (cmslaght) 2004-04-28 14:34:48

This bugnote may be closed unless further discussion is needed!

By: cmslaght (cmslaght) 2004-04-28 15:17:32

I have run into an additional issue related to this bug.  With the new advanced 10 voicemail features added to CVS last night, the "Reply to VM" option 3-1 does not know what context to reply to and being this is MySQL it makes no assumptions so the context used is nothing.  The messages ends up in a bogius mailbox.

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-04-28 16:40:55

I fixed the VM routines so they assume a context of "default" unless otherwise specified.  Thanks!