Summary:ASTERISK-01391: IAXy user doesn't hear ringing tone despite ,r option in dial
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Date Opened:2004-04-10 17:34:34Date Closed:2004-09-25 02:51:27
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Description:When making a call the IAXy user just hears silence until the call is connected.


I've heard on asterisk-users this is a ringback bug introduced since 5 March CVS and that this is something that is definitely broken in the latest stable release.
I don't know if that's true and I haven't found this reported elsewhere so here's what I'm finding...

I've tried ',r' in the Dial command in my dialplan (which usually sorts these things and generates ringing if there isn't any) but it didn't work this time.

Non IAXY iax->iax calls (so long as the codec isn't changed) eg those to providers seem fine, this only seems to happen with the iaxy.

The setup is :

IAXY ---IAX---> my * --IAX--> providers.

Everything works fine with SIP clients as far as ringing goes and no ,r is needed for them to hear 'ringing' for them (as I think it might well be internally generated by the client).

Probably unrelated, but both parties on an IAXY connection notice quite a bit of echo, this isn't noticed with the SIP clients.  Jitter buffer setting might help??

Also there is a clicking on the audio but I think that's a result of the Ulaw -> Alaw codec conversion on IAX mentioned before as I can introduce it with my providers by forcing the conversion.  - reported elsewhere

* version is 29 March Stable I think.  Perhaps there is a new IAXy firmware I could try / download somehow ?


exten => _00.,1,AbsoluteTimeout(3600) <- as draytek occasionally hits this timeout with its hangup bug.
exten => _00.,2,Dial(${PROVIDER1}/${EXTEN:2},30,r)
exten => _00.,3,Answer < -this was added so busy worked/hungup for SIP clients
exten => _00.,4,Hangup
exten => _00.,103,Dial(${PROVIDER2}/${EXTEN:2),30,r)
exten => _00.,104,Answer <- this is as PROVIDER1 is sometimes busy so try Provider 2 in this case before believing the person called is really busy
exten => _00.,105,Hangup


maxexcessbuffer=45 <- I don't know if these are sensible

nat=yes         <- maybe should be nat=1
notransfer=yes  <- but it still does 'attempting native transfer' - wrong order ?

(not sure if the order is good here - is the only way to find out from the iax.conf sample file?)
Comments:By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-04-10 19:45:10

Does this problem occur on CVS head?

By: chrisorme (chrisorme) 2004-04-11 05:40:57

I'll try it and post my results but I'll have to travel to where we have it on field trials.

I'm currently trying to find the info on remotely proving the iaxy or finding which firmware its runing, downloading new firmware and flashing it.  I guess this is perhaps info that isn't in the public domain for a reason?

By: chrisorme (chrisorme) 2004-04-14 04:02:45

The couple where we have this on at field trials says it suddenly started ringing now.

Matt Fredrickson said the iaxy autoupdates its firmware (from you?) so I guess this is what happened as I didn't have chance to change the release used at the exchange end ?

The iaxy is great in how it solves NAT, how it looks and price, the only niggle is the audio.  When calling someone on the PSTN both the PSTN user and the IAXY user complain of delayed echo (significant delay) which doesn't happen with a snom or draytek.  (there is only 30ms between * and the IAXY but the echo seems maybe a few hundred ms later) - timestamps ?  There are no analogue lines involved everything is digital.

Is this just intrinsic of the different ways the different devices are built or is there something that can be done ?  Perhaps there's isn't the processing power to do echo cancel or something in the IAXY or is it somehow generating latency/jitter buffer or is it dreaded timestamps ?

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-04-15 10:39:49

I'm going to be working on echo cancellation improvements on the IAXy in the next few days.  I have another user who is having some trouble so it will be easier for me to test with him first and then i'll put the updated firmware in cvs head.

By: chrisorme (chrisorme) 2004-04-15 10:49:03

Ok.  I assume I just update asterisk to the latest CVS in a few days and that the iaxy will update its own firmware automatically (even if behind NAT) ?

If there's some other way to update the firmware or if I need special 'iaxy' lines in iax.conf that I've not got in the snip from my iax.conf above please tell me so I don't waste your time from running the old firmware still.

Also if there's a way I can check the version of the firmware running on the iaxy (to see if it updated) that'd be great.

Good luck!  (and thanks)

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-04-15 11:38:11

Yes, exactly.

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-04-15 16:54:14

Fixed in CVS