Summary:ASTERISK-01377: chan_h323.c does not compile with cvs -head 04/08/04
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Date Opened:2004-04-08 13:04:12Date Closed:2004-09-25 02:52:14
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Description:chan_h323.c does not compile with cvs -head 04/08/04
Comments:By: cloos (cloos) 2004-04-08 15:03:11

The error is:

chan_h323.c: In function `oh323_rtp_read':
chan_h323.c:536: error: too many arguments to function `ast_dsp_process'

the fix is to remove the last arg in the call to ast_dsp_process on that line.

The warning is:

chan_h323.c: In function `oh323_new':
chan_h323.c:681: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type

Line 681 is:

ch->pvt->fixup = oh323_fixup;

oh323_fixup is a function returning a static int.  

(struct ast_channel).(struct ast_channel_pvt).fixup is:

int (*fixup)(struct ast_channel *oldchan, struct ast_channel *newchan);

so the warning (from gcc 3.3.3) is due to static vs not-static.

A patch for the error is attached; proper fix for the warning is left for
the code's owner....

By: James Golovich (jamesgolovich) 2004-04-08 16:31:08

Fixed in CVS