Summary:ASTERISK-01362: [patch] Allow you to enter specific channel in Zapscan
Reporter:Anthony Minessale (anthm)Labels:
Date Opened:2004-04-06 13:32:46Date Closed:2004-09-25 02:51:29
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) zapscan_4_04_diff.txt
Description:(This used to be there so I missed it and reinstated it.)

With this patch you can, at any time, dial a 3 digit code for the zap channel you wish to switch to.

If you choose a non-existant channel the same effect as pressing # will happen instead (next chan in the list)


* Always convert the channel number to a 3 digit code
 (pad with leading 0 if necessary) e.g. 007 017 141

* If you make a typeo just finish typing digits and try
 again after it takes you to another channel.
Comments:By: James Golovich (jamesgolovich) 2004-04-06 14:56:22

Can you send a unified diff?  I'll apply this to head then

By: James Golovich (jamesgolovich) 2004-04-09 22:48:01

Applied to CVS HEAD.  Thanks!