Summary:ASTERISK-01313: OSS/ALSA Channels fail to release /dev/dsp after first call recieved on console.
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Date Opened:2004-03-30 19:26:42.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:05:06
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Description:When performing Overhead Paging using the OSS module, the first page is made with no errors. The SIP Phone (SNOM 200) seems to hangup but in making the second page attempt the error occurs where asterisk thinks the soundcard is busy or that I might have artsd running.

When performing Overhead Paging using the AlSA module, the first page is made with no errors and any other subsequent page thereafter simply fails.


In speaking with one of the developers at Digium, he has traced it to some problems with both the OSS and ALSA modules.
Comments:By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-03-30 20:25:35.000-0600

PAGING VAGUE BUG TO ISLE 3, VAGUE BUG TO ISLE 3.  :)  Not sure never used OSS or ALSA.

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-03-30 20:28:46.000-0600

In the sheer humor factor, bkw is right.  This bug needs a tad bit more description.  Please update with cli messages, an ls -of /dev/dsp when the problem is occuring, and wether or not you are actually running X on the box, and if so, what window manager.  


By: David Fuller (dfuller) 2004-03-31 15:39:32.000-0600

Here is what you wanted from the CLI Console:

   -- Executing Dial("OSS/dsp", "Console/dsp") in new stack
Mar 31 12:26:17 NOTICE[1589276]: chan_oss.c:746 oss_request: Already have a call on the OSS channel
Mar 31 12:26:17 NOTICE[1589276]: app_dial.c:554 dial_exec: Unable to create channel of type 'Console'
 == Everyone is busy at this time

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-04-18 11:31:14

Ok... see, it appears that the problem is that chan_oss is not releasing the channel once the SIP channel hangs up.  Is this still an issue in current cvs? I have not been able to recreate the problem locally.

By: twisted (twisted) 2004-05-02 23:58:58

Going to close this on a judgement call - asked if this was still an issue in current cvs on the 18th, and still no response.  Going to assume this is working OK now.  If it's not, please post back here to re-open it.