Summary:ASTERISK-01277: [request] Voicemail Rewind Functionality
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Date Opened:2004-03-23 08:32:39.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:04:57
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Description:Many voicemail systems are able to rewind a few seconds rather than to the beginning of the message.  In order for Asterisk's voicemail to be considered a suitable replacement for those voicemail systems it must be able to do the same.  Ideally it should be managed with a default value for number of seconds to rewind but perhaps should also offer a user/administrator override for the amount of time to move the playhead back.
Comments:By: b0r1qu4 (b0r1qu4) 2004-03-23 08:39:55.000-0600

I found this posting in the Asterisk-Dev list archive.  Is it possible that it's implemented and undocumented?


Mike Reiling asterisk-dev@lists.digium.com
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 16:56:11 -0700

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BTW, this doesn't go back/forward by 5 seconds, but you can change
that.  Look at file.c.  I added the ast_waitstream_fr function.  You
can change the time in that function.  I will soon be adding that to
voicemail.conf, so you can change it easier.


On Tuesday, April 8, 2003, at 04:20  PM, Jim Gottlieb wrote:

> Hi.  As part of porting a voicemail application from Dialogic to
> Asterisk, we need to give people the ability to rewind or fast-forward
> the message they are listening to.
> We allow them to press * or # to rewind or fast-forward five seconds,
> respectively.  However, we could use some hints on how to do this under
> asterisk.
> We use ast_streamfile() ast_waitstream() to play the messages, and can
> allow the * or # to interrupt.  We can also use lseek() to seek to a
> certain position in the file, but how do we know where in the file the
> playing was when the user interrupted?
> If we can know that, then we can lseek() back or forward from there.
> One possibility is to note the time we start playing the file and
> compare it to the time the DTMF interrupt happens, thus giving us a
> good idea of where in the file they were.
> Can anyone think of a better way, or is there some ast_ function we're
> not aware of that would help?
> Thanks...
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By: b0r1qu4 (b0r1qu4) 2004-03-23 13:51:26.000-0600

Oops!  I see that * and # work quite well for fast forward and rewind.  Please close this bug request.

By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-03-23 13:57:01.000-0600