Summary:ASTERISK-01010: Answering call on h.323 causes Asterisk to crash
Reporter:Tomica Crnek (tcrnek)Labels:
Date Opened:2004-02-09 04:23:03.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:05:17
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Description:When calling destination on H.323 (Cisco Callmanager) in the moment when called party answers, it causes Asterisk to crash.
If you make a call in another direction from H.323 to Asterisk it works and after this it works in both directions.
Comments:By: vp7 (vp7) 2004-02-10 09:00:03.000-0600

Just a minute ago downloaded latest version of asterisk from CVS, and initiated call from asterisk to H.323 (operator's Cisco, connection was through my H.323 Aqua Gatekeeper) using "Asterisk auto-dial out" feature.
Didn't got any problems.

Do you have right versions of pwlib & openh323? I've got a lot of crashes when tried to use any other version.

By: Tomica Crnek (tcrnek) 2004-02-10 09:16:05.000-0600

I have the version that I have downloaded 10 days ago from OpenH323 site. I am not using Gatekeeper.

By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-02-10 09:26:27.000-0600

Can't use chan_h323 with call manager it won't work.

By: Tomica Crnek (tcrnek) 2004-02-10 09:47:55.000-0600

It is working as I first wrote, I have tried both h323 and oh323.

By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-02-14 23:08:54.000-0600

This isn't a bug but a design incompatibility with CCM and chan_h323