Summary:ASTERISK-00960: CLI feature include context - doesn't
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Date Opened:2004-01-31 02:01:39.000-0600Date Closed:2008-01-15 14:42:36.000-0600
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Description:The CLI feature for including a context in a context does not seem to work.

The code appears to expect the first and second args to be "include context" and arg[3] to be "in".

That means the only context that can be included in arg[4] is "context".

I do not believe that was the intent of this feature.
Comments:By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-01-31 14:08:18.000-0600

Updated bug status.  This is a minor issue an doesn't produce a blocking state.

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2004-01-31 14:14:30.000-0600

Fixed in CVS, but next time i hope the bug reporter will be more careful in establishing the severity.

By: Digium Subversion (svnbot) 2008-01-15 14:42:36.000-0600

Repository: asterisk
Revision: 2103

U   trunk/channels/chan_zap.c
U   trunk/pbx/pbx_config.c

r2103 | markster | 2008-01-15 14:42:35 -0600 (Tue, 15 Jan 2008) | 2 lines

Fix add include (bug ASTERISK-960) and small update to bug 890