Summary:ASTERISK-00956: [patch] New soundfiles
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Date Opened:2004-01-30 13:24:53.000-0600Date Closed:2004-09-25 02:20:04
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Description:New sounds and a patch for the sounds-extra soundfile enclosed.




%weather-station%weather station


%could-lose-a-few-pounds%you could lose a few pounds

%speak-louder-into-phone%please speak louder, or speak directly into the telephone to ensure a clear recording




%the-weather-at%the weather at

%in-your-city%in your city

%in-your-zip-code%in your zip code


%is-currently%is currently

%continue-in-english%to continue in english,...

%to-hear-net-status%to hear current network status,...

%to-hear-weather-status%to hear weather status,...

%says-thats-stupid%says that's a really stupid thing to do.

%abandon-all-hope%Abandon all hope, ye who dial here.

%wait-offensive-sounds%Please wait one moment while I access our gigantic library of offensive sounds!



%num-not-in-db%Number not found in database.

%visit-asterisk-website%Visit the asterisk website at w w w dot asterisk dot org

%i-grow-bored%I grow bored of this conversation.

%talking-to-myself%Am I talking to myself?

%last-num-to-call%The last number that called your line was...

%unidentified-no-callback%un-indentified or witheld and therefore cannot be called back.

%to-call-num-press%To call this number, press...

%enter-num-blacklist%Please enter the number to be blacklisted.

%to-blklist-last-num%To blacklist the last number, press...

%to-blklist-last-caller%To blacklist the last caller, press...

%to-rmv-num-blklist%To remove a number from the blacklist, press...

%entr-num-rmv-blklist%Please enter the number to be removed from the blacklist.

%if-correct-press%If this is correct, press...

%num-was-successfully%The number was successfully...



%num-outside-area%The number you are calling is outside of your local calling area. Please dial...


%and-area-code%and the area code...

%before-the-number%before the number.








[note: ordering is slightly different in patch]
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By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-01-30 15:28:17.000-0600

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