Summary:ASTERISK-00866: /modules/cdr_pgsql.so: undefined
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Date Opened:2004-01-17 16:07:22.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:04:49
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Description:Atfer the basic installation, it is not possible to start the program asterisk


# asterisk -vc

Asterisk CVS-01/17/04-21:23:59, Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Linux Support Services, Inc.

Written by Mark Spencer <markster@linux-support.net>


Asterisk Event Logger Started /var/log/asterisk/event_log

Asterisk PBX Core Initializing

Registering builtin applications:

























Asterisk Dynamic Loader Starting:

[chan_modem.so] => (Generic Voice Modem Driver)

=> (A/Open (Rockwell Chipset) ITU-2 VoiceModem Driver)

[res_musiconhold.so] => (Music On Hold Resource)

[res_adsi.so] => (ADSI Resource)

[res_parking.so] => (Call Parking Resource)

[res_crypto.so] => (Cryptographic Digital Signatures)

[res_indications.so] => (Indications Configuration)

   -- Registered indication country 'us'

   -- Registered indication country 'au'

   -- Registered indication country 'fr'

   -- Registered indication country 'de'

   -- Registered indication country 'nl'

   -- Registered indication country 'uk'

   -- Registered indication country 'fi'

   -- Registered indication country 'no'

   -- Registered indication country 'br'

   -- Registered indication country 'za'

   -- Registered indication country 'it'

   -- Setting default indication country to 'us'

[res_monitor.so] => (Call Monitoring Resource)

[app_directory.so] => (Extension Directory)

[app_agi.so] => (Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI))

[app_dial.so] => (Dialing Application)

[app_image.so] => (Image Transmission Application)

[app_disa.so] => (DISA (Direct Inward System Access) Application)

[app_echo.so] => (Simple Echo Application)

[app_voicemail.so] => (Comedian Mail (Voicemail System))

[skipping app_intercom.so]

[app_mp3.so] => (Silly MP3 Application)

[app_playback.so] => (Trivial Playback Application)

[app_record.so] => (Trivial Record Application)

[app_system.so] => (Generic System() application)

[app_url.so] => (Send URL Applications)

[chan_iax.so] => (Inter Asterisk eXchange)

[chan_modem_bestdata.so] => (BestData (Conexant V.90 Chipset) VoiceModem Driver)

[chan_modem_i4l.so] => (ISDN4Linux Emulated Modem Driver)

[chan_oss.so] => (OSS Console Channel Driver)

Jan 17 23:33:48 WARNING[5126]: chan_oss.c:238 sound_thread: Read error on sound device: Resource temporarily unavailable

[chan_phone.so] => (Linux Telephony API Support)

[pbx_spool.so] => (Outgoing Spool Support)


[chan_vofr.so] => (Adtran Voice over Frame Relay)

[codec_adpcm.so] => (Adaptive Differential PCM Coder/Decoder)

[codec_gsm.so] => (GSM/PCM16 (signed linear) Codec Translator)

[codec_lpc10.so] => (LPC10 2.4kbps (signed linear) Voice Coder)

[codec_ulaw.so] => (Mu-law Coder/Decoder)

[format_g723.so] => (G.723.1 Simple Timestamp File Format)

[format_gsm.so] => (Raw GSM data)

[format_jpeg.so] => (JPEG (Joint Picture Experts Group) Image Format)

[format_pcm.so] => (Raw uLaw 8khz Audio support (PCM))

[format_vox.so] => (Dialogic VOX (ADPCM) File Format)

[format_wav.so] => (Microsoft WAV format (8000hz Signed Linear))

[format_wav_gsm.so] => (Microsoft WAV format (Proprietary GSM))

[pbx_config.so] => (Text Extension Configuration)

[skipping pbx_gtkconsole.so]

[pbx_wilcalu.so] => (Wil Cal U (Auto Dialer))

[chan_sip.so] => (Session Initiation Protocol (SIP))

[chan_agent.so] => (Agent Proxy Channel)

[chan_mgcp.so] => (Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP))

[chan_iax2.so] => (Inter Asterisk eXchange (Ver 2))

Jan 17 23:33:48 WARNING[1024]: chan_iax2.c:6093 load_module: Unable to open IAX timing interface: No such device

Jan 17 23:33:48 WARNING[1024]: chan_iax2.c:5510 set_config: Ignoring port for now

[chan_local.so] => (Local Proxy Channel)

[chan_skinny.so] => (Skinny Client Control Protocol (Skinny))

[app_qcall.so] => (Call from Queue)

[app_adsiprog.so] => (Asterisk ADSI Programming Application)

[app_getcpeid.so] => (Get ADSI CPE ID)

[app_milliwatt.so] => (Digital Milliwatt (mu-law) Test Application)

[app_zapateller.so] => (Block Telemarketers with Special Information Tone)

[app_datetime.so] => (Date and Time)

[app_setcallerid.so] => (Set CallerID Application)

[app_festival.so] => (Simple Festival Interface)

[app_queue.so] => (True Call Queueing)

[app_senddtmf.so] => (Send DTMF digits Application)

[app_parkandannounce.so] => (Call Parking and Announce Application)

[app_striplsd.so] => (Strip trailing digits)

[app_setcidname.so] => (Set CallerID Name)

[app_lookupcidname.so] => (Look up CallerID Name from local database)

[app_substring.so] => (Save substring digits in a given variable)

[app_macro.so] => (Extension Macros)

[app_authenticate.so] => (Authentication Application)

[app_softhangup.so] => (Hangs up the requested channel)

[app_lookupblacklist.so] => (Look up Caller*ID name/number from blacklist database)

[app_waitforring.so] => (Waits until first ring after time)

[app_privacy.so] => (Require phone number to be entered, if no CallerID sent)

[app_db.so] => (Database access functions for Asterisk extension logic)

[app_chanisavail.so] => (Check if channel is available)

[app_enumlookup.so] => (ENUM Lookup)

[app_transfer.so] => (Transfer)

[app_setcidnum.so] => (Set CallerID Number)

[app_cdr.so] => (Make sure asterisk doesn't save CDR for a certain call)

[app_hasnewvoicemail.so] => (Indicator for whether a voice mailbox has new messages.)

[app_sayunixtime.so] => (Say time)

[app_cut.so] => (Cuts up variables)

[app_read.so] => (Read Variable Application)

[app_setcdruserfield.so] => (CDR user field apps)

[app_random.so] => (Random goto)

[codec_ilbc.so] => (iLBC/PCM16 (signed linear) Codec Translator)

[codec_alaw.so] => (A-law Coder/Decoder)

[codec_a_mu.so] => (A-law and Mulaw direct Coder/Decoder)

[format_g729.so] => (Raw G729 data)

[format_pcm_alaw.so] => (Raw aLaw 8khz PCM Audio support)

[format_h263.so] => (Raw h263 data)

[cdr_csv.so] => (Comma Separated Values CDR Backend)

[cdr_odbc.so] => (ODBC CDR Backend)

[cdr_pgsql.so]Jan 17 23:33:48 WARNING[1024]: loader.c:239 ast_load_resource: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/cdr_pgsql.so: undefined symbol: PQescapeString

Jan 17 23:33:48 WARNING[1024]: loader.c:407 load_modules: Loading module cdr_pgsql.so failed!

Comments:By: Brian West (bkw918) 2004-01-17 18:32:41.000-0600

This isn't a bug in asterisk.  Recompile pgsql and recompile asterisk and it should link correctly.