Summary:ASTERISK-00564: seg fault when calling chan_local from q
Reporter:tclark (tclark)Labels:
Date Opened:2003-11-22 17:37:43.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:00:37
Versions:Frequency of
Description:using Asterisk CVS-11/14/03-12:38:21
had a call in the q,
1) logged in
2) the the local channel was ringing
seg fault...


#0  ast_queue_frame (chan=0x8265658, fin=0xbd7ff08c, lock=0) at channel.c:368
#1  0x40531063 in local_answer (ast=0x8266e58) at chan_local.c:111
#2  0x08056e3e in ast_answer (chan=0x8266e58) at channel.c:715
#3  0x403ef3c1 in __login_exec (chan=0x8266e58, data=0xbd7ff7b4, callbackmode=0) at chan_agent.c:1072
#4  0x403f0758 in login_exec (chan=0x8266e58, data=0xbd7ff7b4) at chan_agent.c:1305
ASTERISK-1  0x08060b80 in pbx_exec (c=0x8266e58, app=0x80e4150, data=0xbd7ff7b4, newstack=1) at pbx.c:396
ASTERISK-2  0x08062bc3 in pbx_extension_helper (c=0x8266e58, context=0x8266fb0 "dispatchlogin1", exten=0x82670a4 "*1",
   priority=2, callerid=0x80d0fb0 "7001234567", action=1) at pbx.c:1157
ASTERISK-3  0x080638fd in ast_pbx_run (c=0x8266e58) at pbx.c:1641
ASTERISK-4  0x08069bde in pbx_thread (data=0x8266e58) at pbx.c:1862
ASTERISK-5  0x400200ba in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
Comments:By: Brian West (bkw918) 2003-11-22 18:15:37.000-0600

Can you include the bits of the config also?

By: tclark (tclark) 2003-11-22 18:35:39.000-0600

agent => 2,,Test

music = default
context = incoming
timeout = 30
retry = 1
maxlen = 0
member => Agent/2

By: tclark (tclark) 2003-11-24 10:05:35.000-0600

Umm this crash looks a lot like bug 561,
#0 ast_queue_frame (chan=0x8265658, fin=0xbd7ff08c, lock=0) at channel.c:368
#1 0x40531063 in local_answer (ast=0x8266e58) at chan_local.c:111

By: Mark Spencer (markster) 2003-12-04 21:07:51.000-0600

I believe this is resolved, can you confirm?

By: tclark (tclark) 2003-12-05 23:31:44.000-0600

You can mark this as closed, but check with denon on 561 he has some production volume using chan_locak & was getting them a few times a week
i don't have this customer in production any more due to app_noQ & agent_deadlock :)

By: Brian West (bkw918) 2003-12-14 11:45:41.000-0600

Going with denon's bug which is similar to this one.