Summary:ASTERISK-00361: Caller ID does not work on Wildcard X101P FXO card
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Date Opened:2003-10-07 14:22:29Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:05:09
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Description:I do not appear to receive callerid info on my FXO card connected to a POTS AT&T broadband telephone line. This line does correctly display CID to my normal phones.

This is what I see from asterisk:
*CLI>     -- Starting simple switch on 'Zap/1-1' NOTICE[262161]: File callerid.c, Line 243 (callerid_feed): Caller*ID failed checksum

This is with the newest * as of this morning out of CVS.

I'm more than willing to help debug this but I don't understand the callerid code enough to do so.
Comments:By: Brian West (bkw918) 2003-10-07 14:25:43

my X101P's work fine with todays CVS.  How is the ATT line delivered?  Via VoIP or what?

By: John Todd (jtodd) 2003-10-13 13:49:58

Any comments by the submitter on if this is still a problem, and any more details on the caller ID?  What does "broadband" mean with delivery of a phone line?  What type of equipment does your FXO card have at the other end?  Cable modem? DSL modem? DMS100 switch?

By: zwi (zwi) 2003-10-13 14:39:38

Yes, I'm still experienceing these problems. After talking to people on #asterisk everybody thinks its an issue with my phone line which is actually Comcast not ATT (I get the two confused since they keep switching back and forth :-) )

The phoneline is a POTS phone delivered over my Comcast cable (coax) and then terminated at my phonebox outside my house into my Qwest phone box and then comes over a copper pair. All of my hardware based CID units (ie my standard analog phones) report CID without any problem. My FXO card and my windows based modem with caller id enabled don't seem to be able to find the CID signal. I can't be sure with the modem because nobody I know has a Qwest phone line any more. Everybody has gone to Comcast.

I'm hopefully going to get in touch with somebody at Comast today and attempt to determine if they use the Bellcore standard CID or if its a variant or why my normal phones and PVR work fine but my FXO does not.

If anybody has any debugging hints they are willing to offer up I'm willing to listen. I'm trying to figure out exactly how modemfsk.c and callerid.c work but some of the code in there is just *hard* :-)


By: zwi (zwi) 2003-10-13 14:44:54

Oh..just a futher thought...can this somehow be a standard CID chip that most people use vs a software solution that isn't as forgiving of bad CID info?

My Dish Network PVR, my Vtech 2.4GHz GigiPhones, and a pretty hi-tech Target analog phone all seem to pick up the CID signal.

My internal HCW winmodem on a Win2K laptop and my FXO card does not get the CID signal, or at least doesn't seem to get a resonable signal.

By: zwi (zwi) 2003-10-24 07:32:21

This bug can now be closed. While there *does* seem to be some funkyness with Comcast CID (some winmodems dont' work) it is not a problem with the FXO card. My card was bad and couldn't correctly get CID. After the card was replaced with a new one everything works fine.