Summary:ASTERISK-00012: app_voicemail2 became a bit silent, lately
Reporter:siggi (siggi)Labels:patch
Date Opened:2003-07-26 10:07:57Date Closed:2004-09-25 02:22:25
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Description:The prompts in both VoiceMail2 and VoiceMailMain2 have become silent. All I get is the initial "blip" followed by the Voice taking breath and being cut off before she has a chance to say "Comedian Mail".


All other prompts (ie the Playback application) seem to work fine.

I can still login to VoiceMailMain2, however, each prompt hangs immediately, until I enter some DTMF, so after entering user and password, the console says:
   -- Playing 'vm-youhave'
of which I hear just a slight "tick", and then it sits there forever...
If I press "2" at this point, the console says
   -- Playing 'vm-changeto'
again, it only plays a "tick" and hangs till I press the next button.

It doesn't matter how the call comes in (I've tried OH323, IAX and IAX2).
Comments:By: siggi (siggi) 2003-07-27 06:47:39

to make this an "official" report, according to Marks's posting, these pieces need to be added:

CVS date: CVS-05/07/03-16:01:05
         (the issue does _not_ occur with CVS-05/07/03-16:01:05)
uname -a says: asterisk 2.4.18-bf2.4 #1 Son Apr 14 09:53:28 CEST 2002 i686 unknown
  (this is Debian's vanilla 2.4.18 kernel, the system is basically Debian stable)
hardware: no telephony hardware (and no ztdummy, maybe that's a new requirement?)
VoIP environment: - H.323 connection to CCM, via chan_oh323
                 - IAX and IAX2 to another (similar) * gateway
core file: none, it just hangs as described above
config files: can't see which ones are relevant...

By: siggi (siggi) 2003-07-27 11:46:13

Hmmm, as those timestamps don't really seem to change:
current CVS (2003-07-27, 00:00:00 UTC) does expose this behaviour.
This is CVS version 1.32 of app_voicemail2.c.

app_voicemail2.c 1.29 (updated on June 27th) did work fine.

further testing shows:

downgrading app_voicemail2 alone does not help, this must be caused by some other change within asterisk...

By: siggi (siggi) 2003-07-30 14:27:35

Ooops, looks like the Playback application is affected as well.
(I must have mixed up * versions when trying the first time.)

So this is _not specific to app_voicemail2.

By: Malcolm Davenport (mdavenport) 2003-08-08 15:50:35

If you checkout the *new* CVS code of asterisk and compile it ..does it still have this problem ?

By: siggi (siggi) 2003-08-10 06:17:27

Yes, it does.

I've done a "cvs upgrade" and, just to be sure, another completely fresh
checkout (cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.digium.com/usr/cvsroot co asterisk)

The symptoms are still there: All prompts (app_voicemail2 as well as the
Playback application) just seem to lock up after sending the first packet
out. (ie. I do get a bit of breath of vm-login and "beep" is almost played

Normal calls are working just fine...

I did a little bit of testing with older CVS versions, and playback broke with
the CVS commit made on 2003-06-29 20:32:25 UTC

ie. cvs up -D '2003-06-29 20:32:26 UTC' => playback breaks
   cvs up -D '2003-06-29 20:32:25 UTC' => prompts play fine

I'm going to upload a "cvs diff -u" between those two versions.
My guess is that some of the timing changes in channel.c break this stuff, at least for non-zaptel setups like this one...

By: x martinp (martinp) 2003-08-21 14:44:44

Can you get a fresh copy of zaptel/libpri/asterisk and comment out the ZAPTEL_OPTIMIZATIONS and tell us if that still is there ?

Are you modifying any other settings in zaptel/libpri/asterisk ?

By: siggi (siggi) 2003-08-21 17:26:07

Not quite. I don't have (or need) libpri, and I don't have any zaptel devices, either.

However, I did have a stale zaptel installation, which caused ZAPTEL_OPTIMIZATIONS  to be defined. Removing /usr/include/linux/zaptel.h did fix the issue.

I guess you can change this bug's severity to "minor" until there's a way to disable zaptel optimizations at runtime, if there's no zaptel device...